Finding Support and Comfort After A Miscarriage

miscarriage support and comfort

Support for Pregnancy Loss May Be Hard to Find

Because pregnancy loss is not always seen as a ‘legitimate’ loss, parents often receive little or no assistance, especially in isolated areas where support services are not readily available.

…But Needed

As human beings moving through a grieving process, we naturally look for the care and attention of others. We crave contact with people who can accept and respect our feelings and demonstrate genuine concern for our welfare.

Usually, in order to find comfort we need the support of at least one other person.

This can be difficult if no one else knows about the loss, or we don’t feel comfortable sharing or asking for help.

It’s Okay To Ask For Support

Some of us like to put up a brave front and appear outwardly strong, or like to grieve privately, but these behaviours only serve to deny us the things we need most.

Seeking comfort after a hurt is both a natural and rational thing to do.

We need to challenge our usual behaviours, take a deep breath and put ourselves on the path to healing.

Comforting: Builds Bond and Binds People

The whole experience of giving and receiving comfort binds people together.

Family members who have supported each other through a difficult loss or members of a support group who have helped each other through a shared experience often find their sense of loyalty and commitment to each other strengthened.

Finding Connection and Comfort is the Next Step On Your Journey

Identifying ways to source connection and comfort (and then using them) is the next step on our journey. There are many ways to seek comfort, and we each need to identify what works best for us.

Finding support and comfort will be different for each of us.

What matters is that we don’t forgo this step because we get caught up in life.

Instead, we need to give it the time and effort it deserves and recognise it as an important step in the healing process.

Comfort and Support Now Means Peace and Joy Later

Finding comfort and support now is absolutely essential if we are to find peace and joy in the future.

Take Care Until Next Time


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