How to Deal with a Miscarriage

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Expressing emotions, both positive and negative is the key to emotional healing after a miscarriage or stillbirth.

Healing Starts with Expression

Our healing lies in the expression of our feelings.

Fear, sadness and anger are all essential to the human experience.

To be complete, we need to acknowledge all of our emotions, positive and negative.

Repression Can Hold Back Positive As Well As Negative Emotions

Repressing the negative emotions can also lead to repressing the corresponding positive emotions to the point where we being to feel emotionless.

An inability to express sadness will affect our ability to express joy, repressing anger will affect our ability to express love and living with fear prevents us from living in peace.

The “Guilt” of Positive Emotions

Expressing positive emotions in the midst of a tragedy like pregnancy loss can leave many of us feeling horribly guilty.

We relentlessly berate ourselves for any joy or peace we find in a situation where we are expected to be sad.

Many of us feel like it isn’t right to have a moment of peace when we simultaneously feel sad, angry and scared.

Emotions Do Not Follow An Order – Positive Will Mix with Negative Moments

This is typical of emotions – they don’t appear one at a time in a neat, orderly fashion.

Instead, they surface in a whirlwind of intensity that can be very confusing if we try to analyse it.

Ridiculous as it may sound, difficult experiences like pregnancy loss are often interspersed with funny moments, and it is imperative that we don’t make ourselves wrong for anything we feel.

To Heal We Must Express, Release and Reclaim

Healing involves reclaiming and releasing all of the emotions that we have suppressed.

As this energy is released, we automatically strengthen our confidence in ourselves.

We Are More Than Our Emotions

The most valuable learning we can grasp is this: we are not our emotions.

Emotions are transitory.

We experience a feeling; we don’t become it. Emotions come and go – who we are remains constant.

We need to become emotionally proficient to lead fulfilling lives.

Emotional wellbeing leads to satisfying relationships, inner happiness, personal power and harmony with life.

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