Pregnancy Loss Support

The experience of pregnancy loss or miscarriage is different for everyone. The potential emotional and physical experience can be far ranging and there is no guarantee what any of us will of won’t feel. The good news is that there are many options for support.

Support from Family and Friends can greatly assist our healing.

Support from family and friends is a natural and often important choice but it isn’t a guaranteed option. Often, we must open your eyes to the possibilities that many other people are also feeling our pain at the loss of a child and may be unable to offer their support because of what they are experiencing (which might relate to a previous experience that they may have had themselves). In these instances we are best off accepting this and finding those who can support us.

There are a myriad of excellent support organisations that are managed by people who care deeply and have often experienced loss themselves.  Support organisations usually offer group meetings, grief counseling and opportunities where members can get together on a more social basis simply to build relationships with people who have walked a similar path.

Your options for emotional support after pregnancy loss can include:

• Husband or partner since he is also feeling the pain of the loss
• Family members like parents, siblings and relatives just as long as these individuals do not dismiss or diminish your feelings in any manner
• Support groups, be it online or offline

But always remember that these support options are present only to provide encouragement for emotional healing. You must tread the path of healing yourself, which can be made possible through dealing with your personal feelings. The book Beyond Pregnancy Loss and its accompanying workbook is an excellent way to find the path from heartbreak to healing.

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