What People Are Saying…

Since the release date is have been fortunate to receive some glowing feedback.  This is what they have had to say so far:

“It moves me in so many ways; as a premature baby from elderly parents (that were considering termination due to health risks to mother and baby), to a brother-in-law who watched as his brother’s wife went through multiple still births. This project is both very brave and incredibly important.”

Chris Norriss, Sydney Australia

“Beautifully written and packing enough punch to entice the reader to turn the next page and the next…..”

Kiri Waiata-Green, Queensland, Australia

It is because of Helen and our first encounter that I have been able to move forward after 18 years. I feel sincerely blessed for having her in my life.

Rose Mileto, Victoria, Australia

People often find the best help is from other people who have been through a similar life situation to themselves.  Losing a baby inside one’s body is a catastrophic loss for many women and their families.   Attempting to grieve, to understand why this has happened, and trying to learn how to live in the world again may be new pathways for women and their partners.  Thinking about ways in which other people have been affected and what they have been through may be something to hold onto or to use as a guide in troubled times.  Helen Abbott’s own personal loss is shared in a frank and detailed way with the stages of her journey through pregnancy loss and grief. Enhancing her story are contributions of many others whose lives have been turned upside down by losing a baby in utero.  Each person’s story is unique so each person will find their own way of working through the pain and emotional turbulence.   Combining many stories and views and providing active suggestions about exploring other ways of thinking through the grief, Helen’s book is a gentle, compassionate and yet positive way of helping women who have suffered a pregnancy loss.

Dr. Anne Sved Williams, MBBS, FRANZCP, Dip. Psychotherapy,
Director of Neonatal and Infant Mental Health,
Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide, Australia