What’s Inside?

What you can expect to read about

The main focus of this book is to provide an opportunity for each of us to revisit what we have experienced in a safe and compassionate way.  To do this effectively we need a basic understanding of how our emotions work to both help us and hinder us in many ways.

In addition to emotional understanding, the book steps us through each critical step in the process of our loss to gain an deeper connection with how we have experienced each part of the process and how that may still be affecting who we are today.  What differentiates this book is the Self Assessment Process that I guide you through at the end of each chapter.  While it is not always an easy process, it is the most effective way to embark on the healing journey.

The Chapter Headings include:

Beyond Pregnancy Loss - Hard Copy Version

  • The Foundation for Healing
  • The Unwelcome Guest
  • Discovering our Worst Nightmare
  • Experiencing our loss
  • Saying Goodbye
  • Sharing the News
  • Immersed in Grief
  • Settling the Demons
  • Finding Support and Comfort
  • The Choice to Heal
  • From Heartbreak to Healing

The emotional healing content and self check-in is based on the work of Paul and Mary Blackburn from Beyond Success. Paul and Mary Blackburn have spent over 25 years teaching others the skills required for emotional mastery and managing mindset. I have been fortunate to have Paul and Mary as mentors for my coaching and writing and there is simply no better way to learn than from the masters!.