Types of Miscarriages

We have all heard the different names for miscarriage and pregnancy loss, chemical miscarriage, ectopic miscarriage, blighted ovum miscarriage and so on.  A pregnancy loss prior to 20 weeks is more commonly called a miscarriage and after 20 weeks, a stillbirth, both experiences can leave us feeling broken and lost.

Regardless of the type of miscarriage experienced the shock and pain of the loss of a much wanted baby can be devastating and after the physical recovery occurs there is little attention give to the emotional aftermath which is where most of our energy is actually needed.

Understanding the importance of our emotional health and recovery after any type of miscarriage is critical for each of us and the first step in this process is to learn how to express openly what we are feeling.

Different experiences can result in different responses and yet this first step is the same for each of us. Restraining these emotions (most commonly anger and sadness) doesn’t serve us in the short or long term so regardless of the type of miscarriage you have experienced take the opportunity now to learn ho to manage your emotions for your own health.

Take care


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