Pregnancy Loss Book Completed!

Hello and welcome to my first post on my journey of writing this amazing book.  I had fully intended to keep a diary (or blog) of my actual writing  journey but like most of us my days are full and after days of writing (and re-writing) the last thing I felt like doing was writing some more!

My quest started back in August last year (2009).  As you will read in the preface of the book when it is released in October, the concept for this book came out of a discussion with my amazing mentor who encouraged me to write something ‘from the heart’ for my first book.  We originally planned for it to be an e-Book, a hundred pages or so on how couples respond to a loss during pregnancy.  After a few months of research the book quickly took shape and a life of its own.   Becoming what it needed to be, what it is today.

So where am I up to in the process? Well I am please to say that six months down the track I have completed the final draft… What a relief and what a great feeling. I have met so many amazing people and grown so much it is hard to believe that it has only been half a year since I started putting pen to paper (or fingertips to the keyboard).

I am looking forward to sharing some of my ‘hindsight’ stories with you in the coming posts.

For information on the book and launch date contact me directly.

Talk to you soon


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