Miscarriage Recovery

Recovering emotionally after a miscarriage

There is no “Normal” recovery

How should we respond to the loss of our babies? Is there a right or wrong way? Why do we each respond so differently to similar situations?

A short gestation does not naturally result in less grief and pain, and a longer gestation doesn’t naturally result in more intense grief.

As we discussed in the first chapter, there are many other factors that influence the way we choose to grieve, including the support systems we have, any prior experience or understanding we have of pregnancy loss and personal tendencies.

Finding Your Way is What Matters

What matters is that we do each find an individual way to respond that enables us to heal.

Physical Recovery Can Complicate Emotional Recovery

Our immediate emotional responses can also be complicated by our physical recovery.

Some are fortunate to have little or no medical complications and others can struggle with their recovery for many months. This all adds to the complexity and makes it almost impossible to identify an ideal way to respond or recover.

Give Yourself Time to Revisit and Recover

Whatever we go through in terms of the physicality of our loss, what is important is that we take the time to revisit our experience and accept it.

We need to be able to let go of the pain, the embarrassment, the shock and the anger resulting from our experience. Only when we can be at peace with our past can we embrace our future.

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