Recovering From Miscarriage – An Emotional First Step

There isn’t a simple one size fits all approach to recovering from miscarriage – if there were it may make it much simpler for us all.  We are all different and because of this, our recovery will also be different especially on an emotional level.  As we recover we often search for answers – many of which may not be forthcoming because usually we are looking externally.


Going inside to find the answers

Regardless of our situation, human nature dictates that we go outside of ourselves when we are looking for answers. I wrote Beyond Pregnancy Loss based upon the basic premise that we already have the answers within, we just need to learn how to access them. To achieve this, we need someone who doesn’t give us the answers, but rather guides us inward simply by asking the right questions. These answers may not be the ones we set out to find but they are usually the ones we need to hear.

A critical step in our recovery is to identify how we can go within ourselves to find this place of peace where the answers will become obvious to us.  Not the simple, ‘why did this happen?’ type of answers but those that are deeper and more profoundly relevant to how we can integrate this experience into our future.

As you embark on your journey from heartbreak to healing, let me introduce you to the greatest teacher you will ever meet……You.

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