Coping With Miscarriage – Emotional Exploration

Emotional Exploration is Critical to Coping with Miscarriage

A critical part of the Emotional Healing Process is – Effective Emotional Exploration

Emotional Healing – Becoming Whole

Emotional healing after our loss is about becoming whole. When we shut down our feelings in order to survive traumatic experiences, we lose touch with our emotions and our sense of who we are.

For any long term effective emotional healing to take place, it is essential to work through a process that enables us to explore our feelings and express them fully.

The process may take some time and can be repeated as often as necessary for the emotions to be completely understood and experienced.

The Importance of Exploration and Acknowledgement of Our Emotions

Exploring our emotions is an important part of coping with miscarriage

The first two steps along the emotional healing process within the context of this book are emotional exploration and emotional expression.

As we revisit the story of our loss using this book and the companion workbook the objective is to acknowledge our pain, anger and fear completely.

To do this effectively, we must focus on what we experienced – not anyone else’s experience or perception of what happened.

Explore Without Judgement

It is not about who may be to blame (or any other judgement).

We simply need to bring to our minds what happened, how we felt, the physical symptoms that those feelings gave us and how we feel now when we revisit that moment.

Unlocking Feelings – Dealing with Repression

During the revisiting stage of the process, we may discover feelings that have been locked away for a long period of time.

This is called repression.

Repression may be necessary to get you through a social gathering or give you time to get home from work, but it is by no means a long-term solution.

Short Term Protection May End with Long Term Pain

We often lock unpleasant feelings away thinking it is for the best, but these suppressed emotions end up causing long-term pain.

These feelings can still be explored, and as you embark upon a process like that contained in my book Beyond Pregnancy Loss, don’t be surprised if you uncover feelings you weren’t prepared for or aware of.

In my next post I will discuss the importance of emotional expression.

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