Coping with Miscarriage – Emotional Expression

Before we can express our feelings while coping with miscarriage, we may have to go to battle with our mental programming. Because we have been trained to hold back our emotions, we may still find ourselves choking back tears and appearing cool in spite of our anger or fear. This will only keep us stuck. It will not serve our objective to heal. This is not the time to be sensible, courageous or strong.

Releasing our Emotions is a great way to cope with miscarriage

For this strategy to be effective we simply need to reconnect with each feeling and allow whatever needs to happen, to happen. Before starting it is important to create an environment where we feel safe and are unlikely to experience unwanted interruptions. It is not necessary to force the feelings out – we only need to make some kind of connection with the emotion for healing to begin.

This is not a complicated process, but it can be quite challenging. Expressing our emotions is the only way we will learn from our experience and get closer to a place of healing.

Applying the emotional healing process to our loss is the most effective way to heal. This process of healing creates growth, which enables us to become bigger than the event rather than allowing the event to remain bigger than ourselves. As we move through the process, we notice that the event begins to seem smaller, not less significant, but smaller in terms of the consuming nature it has on our lives.

When we experience this, we know that our efforts are working. We are growing, we are changing, and we are making the choice to heal.

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