30 Steps Toward Healing – Step 24: Feeling Love

Beyond Preganancy Loss -Feeling Love - Step 24 of 30 Steps Towards Healing - Infographic

“Eventually you will come to realise that love heals everything, and love is all there is”

 Gary Zukav

This week take time to re-connect with someone who you feel a great deal of love for and tell them how you feel.

Love is a feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person or idea.  Without doubt the most powerful of all emotions, it may feel like we have lost love when we lose our babies but love is never lost.  The feelings we have always remain for those we care the most deeply for.

Experiences like these also highlight other expressions of love from people we didn’t expect or remind us of how we feel about those who are closest to us.

Action: During difficult times it is often wise to take the time to re-connect with those that we care about the most and forge even stronger bonds.