30 Steps Toward Healing – Step 20: Letting Go

30 Steps Toward Healing - Step 20: Letting Go

“What we give our attention to,  stays with us.  What we let go of – will let go of us”   Cat Forsley

If awareness is the light we use to identify things we need to address then letting go is the attitude which allows us to follow through. Letting go simply means we reach a place of allowing things to be as they need to be and occur as they need to.

Awareness and letting go need to work hand in hand in order to dissolve any negative thoughts or feelings we may be experiencing. Without the power of awareness we may not be able to detect resistances and negativity in ourselves in a clear manner. In the absence of the attitude of letting go, and staying open, we cannot release the negativity because we will continue to stay latched on to it by trying to suppress it or fight it.

Healing requires us to be prepared to let go of anything that doesn’t serve us, our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Action: Identify something that you are hanging on to and reluctant to let go of. Make a conscious decision to release this today.